Have a complex story to tell? You’d better have information available.

attention spanA linear path through your information is okay if you are selling a simple product. Selling the complex takes more. “Information plays a crucial role in reducing uncertainty and judging alternative options. New information acquisition and analysis methods such as use of the Internet is now common practice”, according to Charles L. Citroen in the International Journal of Information Management. In fact, up to 60 percent of buying decisions are made before a salesperson is engaged, which means your website is being used to inform your buyers. Are you telling them what they need to know?

When you offer more depth of information, such as links to photos with layers of information, exploded schematics, and environmental context or you walk your viewer through your process, your buyers are educating themselves.

Quality decision-making and effective decision support systems require high quality information, say Edward Shinick and Geraldine Ryan of University College Cork, Ireland. The implicit assumption about decision support systems is that the required information is always available. It’s “out there” somewhere. So, why not on your website or a mini site attached to your website?

After they have absorbed all of your information and they are finally ready for a conversation, they have already qualified themselves, making better use of your sales team’s time.

Make their time on your site count. Give them information.