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ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions

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The Goal

Increase the number of appointments made with ClearPoint Counselors by having prospective clients spend more time on-line, learning about the distinction between ClearPoint’s services and those claimed to be offered by “for profit” credit counseling services.

The Challenge

Clearpoint Credit Counseling is a non-profit that works, at no charge, with individuals who are in financial trouble to help them avoid bankruptcy. To reach those individuals, and to set itself apart from the sometimes fly-by-night for-profit companies that charge their clients for services, Clearpoint must appeal to individuals who are embarrassed and stressed about being financially in over their heads.

Our Solution

Numerous video clips and “CuePoint Videos” have allowed potential clients to experience ClearPoint’s story in easy to consume vignettes. The Interactive Map makes it easy for the viewer to find a conveniently located counselor.

Our Process

ClearPoint had some marketing and educational materials that it was able to use as a basis for its NimblePitch Digital Story. Additional content was created to round out the information.

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