What goes around…

After nearly 6 months of planning, it’s hard to believe 2013 RVA Startup Weekend has come and gone. NimblePitch was a proud sponsor of the event and our CEO, Greg Hofbauer, was the chair of the organizing committee.

“This year proved to be another exhilarating, exhausting, super-charged 54 hours of exploring the ideas of 14 teams which may one day become household names. While many of these ideas may not become the next big thing, this event is really about bringing the Richmond entrepreneurial community closer together. It provides a high-energy, risk-free way for new entrepreneurs to test the waters and discover the strong support network our community has built”, according to Greg.

As a startup, we at NimblePitch are very grateful for the time and expertise that have come our way – and continue to come our way. It is nice to be able to share what we’ve learned and to know that we may have contributed to someone else’s success.

Have you had someone give you the right advice at the right time or in some other way give you a hand when you needed it? Don’t forget to pay it forward.