Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Ensure your viewers can find your site and read it when they do.

5 reasons to keep your website in top shape for both mobile and desktop access:

  • 60% of internet traffic comes from mobile – That’s up from 50% reported 18 months ago.1
  • “Mobile-geddon”: If Google doesn’t think your site meets their criteria, you are going to sink so far in the search rankings you will only be found by the very most persistent.
  • 46% of people say that website design is the number one criterion for deciding the credibility of a company: If your site can’t be read without zooming or the images don’t align correctly, that feeds the perception that your company isn’t keeping up with the times.2
  • Impressive ROI: Jones Soda, a beverage company based in Seattle, saw a 46% increase in mobile sales after launching their mobile-friendly site. For, an online clothing retailer, total online sales doubled in the first month.3
  • As of 2012, 60% of households with an annual income of $50K-$75K and 71% of those whose annual income tops $75K (Pew Research) use their mobile to access the Internet. Doesn’t it make sense that these are the folks that are going to spend more with you?4

1. SmallBiz Trends; 2. Wikipedia/Stanford Web Credibility Project; 3. Mint; 4. Pew Research Center;

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