The Architect of U.S. Capitol

Architect of the U.S. Capitol - Virtual Tour

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Project Goal

Increase tourism from visitors from all over the world, and to educate a wide range of audiences about our nation’s Capitol and its history.

Featured storytelling capabilities in this project:

The Challenge

The U.S. Capitol has a rich history and a unique setting and is visited by millions of tourists each year from around the world, from school age to seniors. However, most tours are only a few hours and can’t possibly include all the treasures housed under the rotunda.

The Office of the Architect was concerned that a standard web site couldn’t possibly convey the depth and breadth of information concerning the many facets of this fascinating public treasure for its many audiences – its rich history, beautiful furnishings, and unique setting in the nation’s capital.

The site had to make the Capitol’s resources easily searchable, show the many elements in context to one another (historically and physically), and be useful on location as well as in a remote home computer or classroom.

The Solution

NimblePitch worked closely with the staff in the Office of the Architect to organize the information into the interconnected web of content you can now experience.

The federal agency made its thousands of photos and videos available to provide the rich visual content you will see as well as the text. The map of the exterior of the Capitol itself and its surroundings was hand drawn from custom aerial photos.


This project was a joint effort between two partner organizations, GroundWork Design and Campus Tour, Inc.

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