Cartwright Landscaping

Cartwright Landscaping

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Project Goal

Help Cartwright Landscaping stand out by creating a combination high quality portfolio and educational resource

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The Challenge

In a highly competitive arena with many companies, Cartwright Landscaping needed a way to stand out. They were particularly focused on hyperlocal business in Richmond and wanted to inspire potential clients to think bigger than just lawn maintenance. Rather than simply promoting services, they wanted to educate homeowners on landscapes and plant care, seasonal needs for outdoor spaces, and possibilities for creative designs.

Our Solution

Cartwright Landscaping’s website serves as both a portfolio and an educational resource. Large imagery dominates the site with high quality photographs of Cartwright’s work. Homeowners can find information about how to take care of plants, services to consider, seasonal recommendations, and how to care for their landscapes after a visit. The wealth of information helps clients and potential clients make decisions about their homes and establishes Cartwright’s talent and credentials.


This project was a joint effort with photographer Kip Dawkins.

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