Who are all these people?

Over time, your web site is pinged thousands of times. Some are interested in what you have to say, because they are comparing you to your competitors and deciding whether to contact you. They skim the text, look at the pictures and maybe watch a video or two. You have 60 to 90 seconds to capture their interest, persuade them that they might want to buy from you, and then contact you so you can determine whether or not they’re a qualified lead. But who are they?

Google and most SEO platforms will give you some analytics, but they are in aggregate: a certain number of people went from here to there, a smaller percentage watched the video then went to a different page, and so on. NimblePitch gives you much, much more:

–       It keeps visitors engaged with interactive storytelling. They explore your information. They watch the videos, check out all of the possibilities – and stay 10 to 15 minutes. That’s 10 times longer than on most web sites.

–       It’s keeping track of their entire visit, so when they do raise their hand to be contacted, you already know their interests.

When up to 90 percent of buying decisions are made before a sales rep is contacted, wouldn’t you like to keep visitors a little more engaged in your site, exploring what you have to offer, and then deciding to buy – from you?