We’d like to thank the Academy…

Greg at RVA CTW
It was great to be one of the winners in this year’s RVA Companies to Watch competition, a highlight event put on each year by Richmond, VA’s Venture Forum. We all live for applause, after all. A year ago we could only dream of such a public “Well done.” So, to the Venture Forum, thank you.

In this past year we have listened to feedback from friends, family, customers and prospects. We have made improvements, and will continue to make improvements, many based on those comments. That’s the nature of any start-up, particularly in the tech world. We’re seeing success coming down the highway and, because of your help, we’re ready to actively catch it. To each of you, thank you.

Without the unfailing support of friends and spouses we would never have made it this far. From friends, it’s been thoughtful, experienced advice. It’s been sharing a point of view and, sometimes, telling us what we don’t want to hear. We appreciate the friendly words, the interest, the willingness to listen to our news and to always be supportive. Thank you.

From our spouses, it has been not just the words spoken, but also the words unspoken that have been a huge help. No pressure about getting a “real job”, no questions about when each of us will become a contributing member of the home team (or at least not many). They have kept their doubts to themselves.

Their support has also come in the form of staying home while we are out networking, or going to an event where they don’t know a soul, just to show support. They’ve gone to the grocery store, picked up the drycleaning, taken the cat to the vet, and simply handled the daily, time-consuming details of life so we can concentrate on growing and improving the business.

Mostly, though, it’s the faith they’ve shown in each of us and in our big idea that has been most valuable. We appreciate your support more than you can know. Thank you.