Maximize your minisite with NimblePitch’s interactive
digital storytelling platform.

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with a NimblePitch minisite.

Minisites are a great way to educate viewers and should involve multiple types of content, such as text, animations, videos, images, and much more.

The more interactive the content, the better experience your buyers will have. By using interactive content, you are inviting engagement and making people want to explore your content.

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Maximize your minisite with NimblePitch’s interactive tools.

Did you know most web visits are less than one minute? Add to that the fact only about 25% of the content on any given page is actually read, and it becomes clear that today’s marketers have to get creative in order to capture visitor’s attention and keep them engaged.

How sure are you that your organization’s message is getting through to your viewers?

See what you can do to turn casual visitors into qualified leads.

In this free eBook, learn about the suite of tools, many of them unique to NimblePitch, that can be employed to engage, educate and ultimately transform your viewers’ interest into action.

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