Now you can see deeper into your prospects’ buying process

magnifyingglassThe digital world has changed the way people research, evaluate and even buy the products and services they need. In a time when more than half – some say as much as 80 percent – of a typical buying cycle occurs before a prospect and a vendor ever have a person-to-person interaction, your prospects are in charge of how they experience your offering. More often than not, this journey of research and discovery is skewed toward their own pre-conceptions of what a business does and what value they bring. This makes it increasingly difficult for companies with complex, value-based offerings to provide context to how early stage buyers see and understand them.

NimblePitch is meeting this challenge. By employing proven digital storytelling devices, NimblePitch involves the casual or serious visitor to your site in a rich, multi-sensory exploration of your offering, giving them ample opportunity to discover and experience your story interactively and in the context you intend. Curiosity can be transformed into interest and interest into action. And while visitors are travelling along your virtual story tour, each step in their journey is noted and documented, providing insight into their level engagement, the specifics of their interest and the likelihood of becoming a buyer of your offering.

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