Help your buyers do what buyers want to do

So what do they want to do? Buy, of course. How often, though, do you get in their way by telling them what you have instead of talking with them about what they want?

Notice I said want, not need. Chances are excellent that a buyer already knows what you are selling before you step foot in the door, even before you’ve gotten the appointment. They can read the information on your website, they’ve checked out your testimonials and they know what you’ve got. Don’t waste their time and yours by telling them about it all over again.

You’ll probably need to help them understand what they need. (Please don’t ask what are their top three issues so you can trot out one of your prepared solutions.) When they understand what they need, you’ll also be able to address the emotions that go along with those needs: anxiety, frustration, maybe even fear.

Help them understand why they want it. Involve them in the emotions of making a good decision. Those emotions can be relief that they’ve made a good decision, excitement at bringing in a new product that will help them and their company, anticipation of the kudos they’ll receive for making the right decision or all of the above. It’s axiomatic that buyers buy on emotion and use reason to justify their decision. Be prepared to supply the justification after you’ve addressed the emotion.Biz applause