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Trends in web design, Part 1

Multimedia is probably the biggest trend. It isn’t new, but it is becoming ever more important. Our short attention spans demand more than a page full of type and a video and multimedia engages us in a way that simply reading a page full of type no longer does (if it ever did).

Heard any good stories lately?

Everyone likes a good story. We’re conditioned to it from the time our parents told us the story of ourselves, “When you were very small, you would….” Or perhaps we’ve been conditioned to it from prehistoric times, sitting around the fire and sharing stories of how that wooly mammoth was brought down and where the […]

What can Sesame Street teach us about ‘sticky’ marketing?

Popular children’s television programs such as Sesame Street pioneered the idea of the stickiness factor, in an attempt to maximize the retention of the educational content while not losing its entertainment value. On Sesame Street, Big Bird, Snuffleupagus, and various famous visitors, including James Earl Jones, sing and dance, and teach the alphabet and how […]

Have a complex story to tell? You’d better have information available.

A linear path through your information is okay if you are selling a simple product. Selling the complex takes more. “Information plays a crucial role in reducing uncertainty and judging alternative options. New information acquisition and analysis methods such as use of the Internet is now common practice”, according to Charles L. Citroen in the […]

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