What Is FTP?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is one of the most efficient ways to convey a structure of files from one place to another over the internet. Because of the highly varied nature of organizations and projects, NimblePitch uses FTP to keep track of assets related to projects.

Required Software

Many web browsers support some portion of the File Transfer Protocol, but none fully support it. This can create problems across platforms which leads to improperly relayed information. For the purpose of this project, do not use the web browser to upload or download files from the FTP project location. To that end, NimblePitch strongly recommends a dedicated FTP client.

We use and recommend an open-source FTP client named FileZilla.

FileZilla is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux; and therefore all project members can use the same application. Quickset/Preset server connections may be stored in FileZilla to help easily connect to the project FTP location.


FileZilla client may be downloaded from http://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client


We welcome any user who is familiar with a non-browser FTP client to continue using it. However, NimblePitch staff will support the use of FileZilla, but no other method to use the File Transfer Protocal. The no-cost nature of FileZilla makes this option reasonable for all parties. If there is discomfort with using an FTP client, a session can be set up to ease the pain (through explanation and training).

File Names and Folders

In order to ensure that all project participants may access files without difficulty, we ask that when uploading files and folders, only basic punctuation be used. A-Z, 0-9, underscores, spaces, parenthesis, and dashes are safest. It is the responsability of all project participants to operate within these constraints so that the project may advance smoothly.

Overwriting Files

When uploading files to the project FTP location do not overwrite files which have been previously uploaded. Instead, placed new files in a dated folder so that everyone on the project can understand that newer information is available. In the case of a single file upload, dating the file is effective. Please use the dating format CCYY-MM-DD (ie, 2010-05-21). This sorts effectively when a list of files is displayed by ascending alphabetical order.

Files to Upload, Files to Email

If a file is to be used for content in your application please upload it to the FTP location instead of emailing it.

Saving Time

If a resource has not been requested or you are unsure if it will be used on the project, do not upload it to the FTP location. Doing so takes your initial time and time to review uploaded materials.


Once you have successfully uploaded content to your NimblePitch FTP area, please send an email to the project email address notifying NimblePitch that the files are available.

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